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[edit] About

[edit] Background

Trust established in 1951 in TX; incorporated in 1964.

[edit] Mission Statement

The foundation supports organizations involved with arts and culture, education, health, human services, community economic development, and civic affairs.

[edit] Financial Information

Year ended 12/31/11:

Assets: $43,269,142 (market value)
Gifts received: $12,000,000
Expenditures: $11,258,849
Total giving: $10,978,301
Qualifying distributions: $11,082,291
Giving activities include:
$9,430,931 for 53 grants (high: $1,575,200; low: $15,000)
$1,547,370 for employee matching gifts

[edit] Funding Priorities

[edit] Relevant Program Area(s)

[edit] Education

The foundation supports programs designed to promote math and science education, with emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) teacher effectiveness.

[edit] Limitations

Giving primarily in areas of company operations in Dallas, TX.

No support for private foundations, sectarian, denominational, or religious organizations, political parties or candidates, veterans', fraternal, or labor organizations, or sport teams.

No grants to individuals, or for sponsorships, endowments, political activities, courtesy advertising, program books, yearbooks, entertainment events, scholarships, or conferences, sporting events, golf tournaments, or travel or tours; no product donations.

[edit] Recent Grant Examples

[edit] Grant Application Guidelines

Applications for TI and TI Foundation grants are accepted only online. Start the process by taking an eligibility quiz. Charitable funding is reserved for 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, primarily in the Dallas area, that support the key areas outlined below. For TI corporate, grant funding will be prioritized based on opportunities for TI employee/retiree involvement.

[edit] Current Projects

[edit] Primary Organization Contact

[edit] Staff

[none listed]

[edit] Officers and Trustees

Sam Self,* Chairperson

Terri West,* Vice President

Bart Thomas,* Secretary

Kevin P. March,* Treasurer

Ann Pomykal, Executive Director

[edit] Primary Contact Address

Texas Instruments Foundation
P.O. Box 650311, M.S. 3998
Dallas, TX 75265-0199
Telephone: (214) 480-6873
Fax: (214) 480-6820
E-mail: giving@ti.com

[edit] NWP employees who’ve worked with this organization

[edit] Additional Notes

[edit] External Links

  1. Texas Instruments Foundation Official Website

[edit] Updates

  • 07/12/13: Updated and edited Financial Information, Primary Contact Address, External Links (Lauren)
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