Writing, a National Pastime, Takes New Forms

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[edit] Project description

This 2009 National Writing Project/Belden, Russonello & Stewart survey looks at public opinion on the importance of writing for work and personal life and how well we are preparing young Americans to write. This project tracks public opinion from two prior surveys, conducted in 2005 and 2007; asks new questions regarding the writing Americans do in their lives; and explores how well they believe the country’s public education is preparing students to succeed in the world.

The survey results show that Americans are writing a great deal, including in new ways with new technology, and see good writing skills as more necessary than in the past. Yet many express dissatisfaction with their own writing ability and with the job high schools are doing to train students to write clearly. A broad majority wants public education to place more emphasis on teaching students to write well.

[edit] Timeline

A national telephone survey conducted from January 2 to 11, 2009 among a nationally representative sample of 1,200 adults residing in the U.S.

[edit] Affiliated organizations

Belden, Russonello & Stewart

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